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Why your social media engagement is not converting to clients

Q - Why your social media engagement is not converting to clients

I am a paid advertising guy. I would do paid ads all day long as long as I cut even I am happy. Because my customer value is 10 times more if I take care of their needs and build relationships...

Organic social media is fairly new to me, but I'm learning at breakneck speed.

Most people I've had the opportunity to speak with have similar truth to tell.

They say... "Abe, I've close to 5000 friends on Facebook and hardly anyone buys from me. I'm at my wits end with this social media and I don't know what to do!"

It's the dreaded "Conversion problem".

I've also felt the same way when I started with Social Media for my business and I completely get their frustration.

Here is what I NOW know to be true of Social Media Marketing:

Conversion with Social Media takes TIME and PATIENCE.

You become friends on social media with people first. Being a friend outside of social media takes time, why would it be any different? Friends usually buy from friends because they've established the know, like, and trust factor.

Most people know this and take their TIME and have PATIENCE to get to know others in their tribe...

BUT... BUT... there's ONE Piece of the puzzle that's missing...


Ahh... What's that all about?

Message to Market, by its very definition, means what and how how you communicate to your target audience and that is co-related to the product you are selling.

For example: If you are selling a dog training course, you should be sharing tips, videos, photos, quotes etc...80% of the time and the rest can be something personal.

If you get THIS wrong, you'll confuse your audience or even worse, they won't even know what you do and you'll miss an opportunity for them to approach you if they need dog training.

I've gotten this wrong when I started with social media until I realized that people loved my posts, but they didn't know what I do and how I can help them.

Is YOUR "Message to Market" a FIT for you social media friends?

If not, make it a point to get it right!

To your success!


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