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Why is the Lotus Flower a sign of Enlightenment?

Have you ever wondered why the "Lotus flower" is considered as a depiction of "Enlightenment" in most eastern cultures?

I will share with you the journey a Lotus plant takes...

You see... the "lotus seed" falls from the seed capsule, located in the center of its parent lotus flower into the swampy, muddy, slimy waters, in the most humid places on earth.

This swampy water that the Lotus Seed falls is an environment full of germs, bacteria, and millions of unsavory organisms.

The seed buries itself in the muck and grime that we consider as highly polluted and dirty.

The only goal of this amazing plant is to grow it's stem STRONG, straight up and REACH HIGH ABOVE the surface of the polluted environment he was dropped by nature.

It peaks its shoots right above the surface of the water, it spreads it's leaves around the stem -- like a PAD that floats and SUPPORTS the main stem.

The Lotus pad / leaves develops a mechanism to NOT allow water and muck to stick on its leaves. Droplets of water and dirt beads up into spheres and easily ROLL OFF the leaves.

The lotus leaves may not let dirt on its surface, BUT the COMPASSIONATE nature of the Lotus Pad gives SAFETY and SANCTUARY to many insects and frogs. Supporting the Eco-system that it grew up in.

Now, it's time for this plant to express its beauty - It's ONLY goal in its SHORT span if existence. The "LOTUS FLOWER".

It blossoms its numerous petals and gives its obeisance to the "SUN GOD" in the most glorious way. Every petal so gracefully in its place - exposing the "heart" of the flower. As though it's praising and SUBMITTING itself to its nurturer and sustain-er.

The flower stands HIGH ABOVE the dirty mucky water PUSHING ITS WAY towards its highest potential. Spreading JOY & MEANING to the most advanced beings on Earth - us HUMANS.

The Lotus plant spawns TOUGH SEEDLINGS in its heart center, passing on its sacred genes to posterity.

It is as though the plant is TEACHING US how to live our lives in the MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY.

It teaches us to keep the HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIFE - even if we are born in a less desirable environment.

It teaches us to let the NEGATIVITY ROLL AWAY like droplets off our backs.

It teaches us to be COMPASSIONATE and to provide safety and sanctuary to other beings.

It teaches us to be GRATEFUL to the forces that sustain us.

It teaches us to always be GRACEFUL in our expressions.

It teaches us GIVE the most beautiful aspect of ourselves to the world around us.

It teaches us to TEACH & LIVE by EXAMPLE.

It teaches us that the GOAL of LIFE is to EXPRESS ourselves in the MOST BEAUTIFUL way that we can.

Last but not the least…

The Lotus Plant teaches us that no matter what your environment is or where we come from… WE SHOULD STRIVE TO EXPRESS OURSELVES THE BEST WE CAN.



“Be like the Lotus Plant”

Much Love,

PS. “If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.” - Masaru Emoto

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