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Why Aren't You Using Google Ads Find New Customers?

I really want my friends here to succeed! I hate to see you work so hard and struggle with creating good results from your marketing...

Lets Talk Metrics

I know it may sound BORING or too hard to wrap your head around... but let me tell ya...

If you DON'T like METRICS, you stand a high chance of NOT making it in the Digital Marketing World - or in ANY business.

Marketing is not MAKING A LOT OF NOISE for the sake of making a lot of noise. Marketing is a SCIENCE. And science has METRICS.

When it comes to TRAFFIC generation, the MOST PROFITABLE traffic is Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords).

But most marketers think it's for the BIG GUYS, and don't even venture to try advertising on GOOGLE.

But people in the know use Google Ads to pull cold hard cash every single day!

It's a HUGE learning curve, but it's the MOST profitable place to spend your ad dollars... PERIOD.

I have been running Google Ads since 2005. All my sales come from red hot leads from the BIG "G" himself! ( Is Google male or female? Some say Google is Trans)

I recently ran a campaign for a brand new site and got my Cost-Per-Click down to $0.35!!!

I can do this all day long... pay 35 cent clicks and convert a majority of them into paying customers.

BUT... this skill did not come EASY. I had to hire Google Certified Partners spending thousands of dollars to learn from them.

There are many challenges with running Google Ads if you are selling a Make Money product. You have to design the landing page in a way that meets Google's standards.

You have to do keyword research and adhere to Google's suggestions.

You have to monitor your campaigns like a hawk every single day.

You have to make subtle changes that will make a huge difference in conversions.

You have to know how to get your ads approved.

You have to work with a personal Ads Manager.

Yeah.. but it's all worth it.

Because when GOOGLE TURNS THE TAP ON!! Your business becomes extremely PROFITABLE.

Tell me WHY YOU AREN'T taking advantage of GOOGLE ADS?

If my team and I can DESIGN & MANAGE your campaign for you, would you HIRE ME?

If you have more questions, head over to my site and BOOK a CALL with me... Let's get CRACKING!

I want you to succeed and I hate to see you struggle..

Much Love,

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