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Who Is Abe Cherian

My name is Abraham.

My friends call me "Abe". I adopted this name because my father loved "Abe Lincoln".

My close family calls me "Bobby". I know, "Abraham" doesn't translate to "Bobby" but that's the way it is in my family.

I was born in a place in India also referred as "India's Gods Own Country". (Look it up)

I went to a boarding school that was borderline abusive in the so called "God's Own Country".

As a kid I dreamed of traveling and meeting people who did not look like me, or sound like me.

I was fascinated by the difference in people and culture. But I also knew there was more in common than meets the eye.

When I was 18, I went to Europe to learn something that could help me travel the world. Food & Hospitality Management.

From the age of 18 to 24, I worked and traveled across Europe, Middle East & UK.

At 24, I was back in the "God's Own Country" with my family and decided to get married in a traditional way.

I met and married an Indian women who lived in New York and moved to the United States Of America when I was 25.

It wasn't meant to be. So it lasted for only a short while.

I worked in the marketing, and advertising field in New York City.

But soon, I realized that a job is not something I was suited for. I was too enterprising and excited, and I felt that my bosses weren't that excited about it.

I met a woman that shared my world views and ambition in New York and decided that she is the one.

While moonlighting on dial-up Internet in 1998 after a full day's work was when it hit me...

There is a huge shift coming and I felt it in my gut. This kept me awake many nights spending more and more time online.

One day after a hard day's work, I told my girl friend that I am going to start a online advertising company...

And I am going to put our last $800 into hiring a programmer to build out my plan.

Within 6 months of starting my first venture online, my son Adam was born.

That year we did 160K with our online business... 5 years into our business we were sitting on 7 figures a year business.

Within 7 years we were a family of 6, living the American Dream.

In 2013, I lost my father, who, in his own rights, was a writer and a business man. In 2019 I lost my loving mother who taught me UN-conditional love, and was always there for me.

I was in an existential crisis, and went into a sabbatical for the next 8 years.

Spiritual Retreats in far off places, ayahuasca ceremonies in the jungles of The Amazon, and seeking Gurus and teachers in India and south east Asia.

I was chasing the altered states of consciousness, through teachings, meditations, and surrender - ignoring the outer world.

Luckily, my dear wife was much grounded and kept things in order.

When you ignore things, something magical happens - it goes away. And it did.

I have had to start over with my businesses more times than I can think of.

I noticed that when the economy was crashing in 2008, my businesses was booming - And during an economic boom, my personal economy was suffering.

It's NOT the Economy, but how we handle our "Personal Economy" that matters.

My declaration and vision for my life forward is this:

  1. I want people to discover their hidden potential by eliminating self-doubt, self-hatred and self-denial.

  2. I want to write more and express what my soul speaks freely.

  3. I want to create a personal economy that will sustain my mission.

50 is a good year to start a new phase in life...

By age 60 I want to live my passion that took me away from "India's God's Own Country", and allowed me to travel and live in 23 countries.

This time it will be from a space of "oneness" with the Universe... It's gonna be an amazing life.

What's your story? Everyone has a story to tell... Your story will give people a reason to keep going. This is the reason why I write - I write to help people know there's hope and it has a heartbeat.

Much love,

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