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What to expect as entrepreneurs during this Pandemic.

What to expect as entrepreneurs during this Pandemic.

I have been working on a mentoring & coaching program that will accommodate only about 10 people. I would love to take more people on but the structure is such that it's personal, on-going, and one-on-one. The group coaching model - in my opinion is not viable for the results that I want them to accomplish.

So, in my mentoring and coaching program, (not launched yet), I take my clients through different phases to success... and one of the phases will be "MANAGING EXPECTATIONS".

This is so crucial because many people coming online have super exaggerated expectations - you can blame it on the slick marketers putting this in people's heads - just so that they can sell their products.

Managing expectations does not mean you can't dream BIG. It simply means, given your current resources (people, experience, & capital, and ongoing investment), your expectations about you should match the general outcome possible. We can always build on that and experience exponential growth for sure.

So, let's talk about this PANDEMIC and it's effect on Entrepreneurs or aspiring Entrepreneurs.

The 1918 Pandemic started in 1918 and ended in 1920, so it lasted for just over 2 years. It affected 500 million people worldwide, and 20 to 50 million victims. The second and the third wave was the deadliest. It ended because it killed people fast enough so the virus did not have a chance to spread. That's how it ended.... it was not because of a vaccine.

Given the scientific advancement since then, it may be less severe than the 1918 Spanish flu, but the psychological effects and the effects on the economy may last as long or more than the Spanish Flu.

As entrepreneurs we have to realize that more and more people are coming online just to replace their lost income - and not necessarily because they have Entrepreneurial dreams. If you are selling something educational, you need to be able to tell the difference and give them what they want.

If your priority is to replace lost income, which is fine, then you need to primarily focus on ways to market and earn. Learn marketing, driving traffic etc... and learn how to build that audience fast.

If your priority is to build something that is gonna last longer, you need to focus on positioning yourself by using content as a main focus. Prepare yourself to break free from the chains of limited thinking and get ready for the most exciting ride of your life!

The Pandemic most likely will last for 2 years. The second and third waves are going to be the deadliest. So, keeping yourself and your family SAFE is priority. Don't get POLARIZED by silly notions and weapons used to separate our ideologies. It's dangerous.

Think of all the products and services that can keep people SAFE , stress free, and their mind peaceful...'


Stay vigilant and stay safe. Do not get polarized - that is IMPORTANT.

Always shoot for UNITY... because UNITY IS STRENGTH!.

To your success


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