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What is the best Social Media platform to do business?

What is the best Social Media platform to do business?

Hands down...LinkedIn.


If you are in B2B or even B2C avoiding LinkedIn can be a big mistake..


Organic traffic on Facebook and Instagram is getting more and more difficult. Facebook ad costs are off the charts and organic traffic is getting more and more difficult because Facebook and Instagram is mainly entertainment based.

I believe that Value comes in 2 basic forms:

  1. Entertainment

  2. Education

For example, on Instagram, entertainment can come in the form of being very attractive, being funny, or a number of other ways.

Education can come in a number of different ways.

But the problem is… most people create content that’s not built to entertain or educate. They create content that’s in their own self-interest instead of thinking about what value the end consumer is getting out of it.

Here are 7 reasons you should clean up your LinkedIn profile and start using it the right way:

  1. LinkedIn gets way more organic traffic than all other Social Media combined - because your profile is visited by literally 100's of other LinkedIn members who are into business.

  2. LinkedIn is the best platform to give value through Education. Educating about your business is the best way to promote it without being salsey.

  3. LinkedIn Native articles (your own blog on your LinkedIn account) are the best way to get your articles read. You can also engage on other people's blog post on LinkedIn and really engage with them.

  4. Your LinkedIn profile comes up first on Google name search. When someone searches your name, your LinkedIn profile comes up on top... almost all the time.

  5. You get deep stats on LinkedIn.. which is what business people need for making marketing decisions. Facebook hides important stats for their own benefit.

  6. LinkedIn is the best business network for ACTUALLY networking. Responsive and forgiving in many ways.

  7. You can make small in-person events with LinkedIn for lead generation. Lead generation is the goal for businesses - never forget that.

If you are in B2B or B2C, or in business period. You need to get your LinkedIn act together. Spend some time on Linkedin as you are on Facebook, you'll see what I mean.

To your success


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