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What I do when I feel mentally & physically drained

When toxins build up in your body...

...and you are in a pattern of mental and physical laziness and lethargy....

...there is a POWERFUL practice in the Vedic culture.

It's called "FOOD FREE LIVING" for 21 days...

..or it's called "Nirahara Samyama" in Sanskrit language.

Absolutely NO SOLID FOOD for 21 days.

Water is fine but you cannot eat anything that requires chewing.

Nirahara Samyama is a powerful practice if you attach an "INTENTION" to the practice.

This is the same practice that yogi's do to change a destructive pattern in their life.

Gandhi did this practice in the MIDST of the Indian Resistance Movement in 1937 against the British.

To the rest of the world it was known as "Hunger Strike", while he was practicing Nirahara Samyama.

You can literally manifest anything when you are strong enough to resist food AT WILL for 21 days.

This is a practice with strict DISCIPLINE....

Waking up early (before sunrise) , meditation practice, breathing practices, chanting, affirmation and prayers... etc.

Practicing Food Free living WITHOUT a strict disciple, will not work well.

The first thing you'll notice when you Intentionally practice Nirahara Samyama is that you will become LESS gluttonous, (greedy) in nature and more powerful with your WILL.

You may feel a little weak on the first 4 days...

...but on the FIFTH DAY onward things begin to change...

You start gaining MORE CLARITY in everything.

Your AWARENESS INCREASES beyond the sphere of your body and personal space.

Your FOCUS AND ATTENTION gets better.

Your skin begins to GLOW.


Your IMMUNE SYSTEM gets stronger.

You look YOUNGER.

You LOSE excess FAT in your body.

Your ENERGY LEVEL increases. (yes, no kidding)

In 2016, I was BLESSED to practice Nirahara Samyama under the guidance of a teacher.

The BEST Experience of my life.

It's time to do another one.... STARTING TOMORROW.

I'll keep you posted!

Much Love,

PS. I share this with you because the world needs cleansing... and it starts with you and I.

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