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Let's talk about the state of our minds right now - "Uncertainty". Not knowing what is coming for us in the near future.

We grapple with this state of mind more often than we think, but now it's become a "collective state of mind". With COVID and subsequent effects of it in the economy, people are affected in many ways... but the most damage is mental in nature.

So let's talk about UNCERTAINTY.

Our minds are programed (like a computer program) that we are running on auto. The program says, don't stop. If you stop, you will be poor, you will suffer, your kids will go hungry.

The idea of Capitalism WITHOUT Social Responsibility makes this completely unsustainable and its bound to collapse. As a result, people WILL revolt and things MUST change.

Of course the solution is NOT Communism as it's also proven to be unsustainable and even more painful.

The natural solution is a hybrid. Capitalism With Social Responsibility. If people are not burdened just to feed, educate and house themselves, then there is more room for creativity and growth.

In a Capitalistic society being uncertain is doomed for failure. Businesses thrive on predicting the future and businesses fail because they predicted it wrongly..

But that's another topic... Let's talk about how to deal with the current state of mind called... Fear & Loathing of Uncertainty.

As Entrepreneurs and Value Makers this is a time of great excitement. Because it's time for creativity and change.

So here's what we can do and kill the anxiety and depression.. that we put on ourselves...


A small story from the book "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.

Eckhart moved to Canada from Germany with very little money to make a change in his life. After struggling to make a living, with less than $1000 in his bank account and no money for rent he was depressed and anxious about his future.

After many weeks of sitting on a park bench he decided to focus on something he loved to do. Write about his awakening story. He did it during a time of uncertainty in his life.

When you focus on doing the things that you LOVE to do during times of uncertainty it takes all your anxiety away and puts you in the drivers seat.

If you are feeling anxious about the future, don't think about the future, do what makes your heart sing NOW. Pick an interest in your life that you do not think about the monetary benefits.... AND DO IT.

That is the best thing you can do to transform your life.

For example....

If you love to collect crystals and gemstones... and you've been studying about it.... it's time to start a Crystal and Gemstone business online...

If you love to cook or bake... and you've been spending a lot of your free time cooking and learning... it's time to start a blog about your cooking and sell affiliate products on it.

If you love to write.... and you've always wanted to publish... write your book now.. you never know!

If you like to do digital marketing... and you've learned the skills... focus on starting a Digital Marketing Agency business now.

If you love to trade in crypto or forex,... start a blog and teach people how to do it... you can make it into a course and sell it also.

If you love kids... start a blog about raising kids and provide info about your methods... you never know what will happen.

This is how we can overcome anxiety and fear of the future. IMMERSE ourselves into doing things WE LOVE TO DO.

The future is uncertain.... but this uncertainty is the heart of your creativity.

With much Love!

Abe Cherian

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