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The REAL Reason Why We Are Not Reaching The Level of Success We Want.

I used to work out for a couple of weeks and then suddenly stop. I did this same thing with my business. I would work on it for a few weeks and then suddenly stop.

I noticed this pattern in my life and I wanted to change it because I realized that this pattern is the reason why I get anxious about my future.

The reason why most people cannot gain the level of success that they want is because most people cannot do things over and over again for a very long period of time. They would get bored or find something else to do.

Amazon didn't turn a profit for over 20 years after it was first founded. Just think, if Jeff Bezos had given up after the first year, or even five or ten years. But he didn't. He kept going, doing the same thing again and again for over two decades. And that's what it takes to achieve truly unimaginable success.

You have to train yourself to do whatever you are doing, even if it's something mundane that you don't enjoy, for a long period of time. This is because if you are only working for a specific reward that you have in mind, then the reward you imagined would be too small. This is because you are coming from a place of limited thinking.

You should train your mind to do a thing over and over again for a long period of time without having a specific reward in mind. Then you'll never be in short of anything, and the reward will be something that you never imagined would happen to you.


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