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Self-Serving Content Vs. Selfless Content

As entrepreneurs, we often ask ourselves what we should share on social media. It can be tough to come up with content that feels worthwhile, interesting, and not too self-promotional. So here's my two cents on the matter...

Before we ask what we should share on social media, maybe we should ask ourselves why we're sharing in the first place. What is our intention behind opening ourselves up to the world? If we can answer that question, then the what comes more naturally, and we wouldn't be struggling as much.

I think that if we only have intentions that are self-serving, then we'll eventually struggle with it. It could get awkward because the market will start ignoring us and then we'll stop sharing altogether.

Are you posting videos because you want to take from the marketplace? Or are you posting them because you want to give first? If you answer this question honestly, you'll find your unique and personal message for the world.

A lot of us have a hard time with this because we're entrepreneurs. We're always in a hurry to sell our product or service online. And when we're creating content, it's hard to slow down and focus on quality over quantity.

But if you look into more advanced or experienced marketers and entrepreneurs, you'll see that they have a system for delivering content. It's like the seasons - for a whole season (months, or sometimes years), they give freely without expecting anything in return. This is because it takes that long to establish and perfect your message. And then, in the next season, they make their offers. They are willing to wait until their harvest season comes, when they are appreciated by the marketplace.

The reason you may be struggling to come up with content to share online could be because we don't understand the importance of patience when it comes to creating meaningful value. Our intention should be to give first and not just take, take, take.

And sometimes... we have to Live it.... to learn it....


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