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Self Hypnosis To Make More Money

Read this self hypnosis script every day for 21 days. Visualize every word in an image form and with emotion. Speak in a soothing manner to yourself. Don't forget to say the "Wake-up command" in the end.


Make More Money Self-Hypnosis Script

The following suggestions are designed to increase drive and confidence to make more money, and to eliminate negative beliefs about money.

"I have a strong drive and motivation to increase my monetary income.

"I realize now limiting beliefs about money or my ability to make more money. I choose now to trust myself to earn more money. I will use money for my own good and good of others. Money is neither good nor bad; it's how people utilize money that makes it good or bad.

"I trust myself to use money in a good way. I can have more money and choose to be more generous. When I have more money, I can afford to be more generous.... and do good with money. I treat myself better to things I want... things I deserve. Having material wants... material needs... wanting more money to meet those wants and needs... is natural and good. I can have what I want.

"I deserve to have anything I can imagine.... and I can have it without depriving anyone else of what they want. In fact, the more money I have, the more money I can spend. when I spend money, I give money to someone else... so they have more money to spend on what they want. So by having more money and getting what I want... I am helping others get what they want. And that's a good thing. I can help myself and help others when... I make more money. I want to make more money.

"I imagine myself in my castle, standing at a luxurious door made of silver.... encrusted with jewels. I use my key to unlock the door. As I open it, as I open the door now... I see a treasure chamber. The chamber is full of open treasure shests brimming with gold and silver gems. There is a chandelier made of diamonds... and the bright room is finely decorated with tapestries lining the walls depicting royalty.

And as I look more closely, I realize that I am the one depicted in the tapestries. I am royalty! The treasure chamber is mine along with everything it contains. In the middle of the room is a large, golden goblet sitting on a table amid a cornucopia of fine food. I pick up the golden goblet... and see my own royal reflection in the polished gold. I now drink from the goblet of riches.... and the ambrosia of wealth tastes good. I feel so good... I feel happy.... that I've discovered my treasure chamber -- that all of it's contents are here to serve me.

"I live in an abundant Universe. I allow myself to partake in that abundance. I recognize the abundance of wealth that is all around me in it's myriad forms, and I allow myself to flow with that abundance. This abundance includes money and material supply. As I freely receive I can freely give to others that they, too, might share in the abundance of the earth and the Universe. I accept more material supply with joy and thanksgiving.

"I am open to make more money. I am open to all good opportunities to make more money. I am careful and wise in my decisions to make more money. I draw the people and opportunities I need to have more money. I am smart enough to get what I want. I get what I want. I get what I want.... as much as I want.... in a moral and ethical manner.

"I now foster the thoughts and attitudes necessary to become more materially abundant and to make more money now. I allow my creativity to guide me to... generate a greater monetary income now."


"I will awaken from hypnosis by counting to five. When I reach the number five, I will become fully alert and wide awake.

One.... beginning to awaken from hypnosis.

Two.... becoming aware of my surroundings... feeling satisfied, safe, and comfortable.

Three.... looking forward to positive results from this hypnosis session.

Four.... feeling absolutely wonderful.

Five...Five...Five... now wide awake and fully alert.

Much Love,

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