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Q- What is the right time to quit my job and go full time online?

Q - What is the right time to quit my job and go full time online?

I was on a call with an amazing person and a colleague, and we were going over our backstory. When I told him that I quit my outside job without any safety net to pursue my Internet Business, he gasped.

He said, "I wouldn't do that or advise that to anyone, Abe! That's CRAZY!"

I agreed with him that it was a crazy move on my part, but totally the RIGHT move for ME.

It totally depends on your personal situation and mainly on your attitude and mindset.

If you are the kind of person who have mentally, physically, emotionally committed to doing your own thing, and have resolve to do whatever it takes - then you will see the value in giving all of your time to building your business.

That also depends on your situation and the responsibility you have at the moment. Family, kids, etc..

Having financial safety net alone does not mean that you are ready to quit your job. Your money is limited and will run out sooner than you think. Your mindset and resolve is everything - more than the financial safety net that you think you have.

So what is the right time to quit your job?

The right time to quit your day job is when you are READY to put your FOCUS and the INTENSITY that it takes to do TWO DAY JOBS... into your SINGLE BUSINESS VENTURE.

Make sense?

Let me know what you think? Are you ready to quit your job and build your life's work?

Much Love,

Abe Cherian

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