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Not Sharing your Gifts is a Disservice to yourself and humankind.

I feel that my ideas/work is not "Excellent" enough for the people - and so I procrastinate. Someday I'll launch it, someday I'll WOW everyone... But I am not ready yet...

I felt that for years and years... and I suspect that you too have had self deprecating thoughts like that.

There are many many people who have the solutions to all kinds of problems in the world. But they hold back. They are not sure if the ideas they have will work. And so they procrastinate. Their work will never see the light of day.

Imagine your unique experience in life has taught you something that would help millions of people... or even one person whose life would change.... and now imagine, you were not able to help because you procrastinated on your decision to share it...

That's more than just unfortunate... it's a Tragedy. It's a tragedy because you were born with one purpose, to live, learn, and contribute to others. There is NO OTHER HIGHER PURPOSE to your life.

Once you realize THAT, YOU WILL become BOLD. You will easily come out of your shell. You will work so hard to elevate yourself and others. YOU WILL! YOU WILL! YOU WILL!

Remember that what is holding us back in being BOLD and sharing what we know is ALL OUR EGO. Our ego doesn't want our lower minds to feel hurt. So it protects by IMPRISONING us. Keeping us on the WHEEL of karma... repeating the same things birth after birth... for eternity.

You can break that cycle. BE BOLD. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

No matter how hard you try.... you are not going to please everyone. That's for DAMN SURE...

So why bother... do the work and share it BOLDLY! That is BLISS!

Remember this....

"Your work is never gonna be good enough for everyone, but it's good enough for someone."

DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE who makes you feel that you are not good enough.

The power of the UNIVERSE is behind YOU! Go ahead and put your work out there, and keep improving. THAT IS THE PURPOSE of your existence.


To your success


PS. "Not sharing your gifts with the world is the greatest disservice to yourself and humankind." - Ravinder Singh

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