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My Startup Story...

Today I've got some insider info that's going to close the gap to success and lifelong fulfillment by slaying it's most lethal enemies: guilt & self-defeating thoughts.

2 years ago, I wasn't living up to my potential.

I had spent a decade and a half trying to make a living entirely with my own products and services.

I had been a marketing agency owner for a long time, helping business owners with their day to day marketing stuff.

You see... with my agency business, I was constantly on the phone consulting and strategizing with demanding clients. My results depended a lot on the enthusiasm and hard work of my clients, and often times it was frustrating to get them to do their part.

I knew what to do, to create a successful online business, but I have to admit that I did not have the time or patience to wait on some of my clients to do their part.

I took pride in what I'd accomplished but personally I was drained and unfulfilled.

As far as a personal fulfillment score went, the Universe gave me a solid C minus.

The Universe can be a real prick.

Funny thing was, although I knew that I wasn't a slacker I still felt guilty for not living up to the expectations that I set for myself at a young age.

But after a lot of reflection and digging, here's what I found:

Having my own products and services is great, but I needed something that helped a large number of people without having to spend an hour a week with each one of them.

I needed a business that would help online business owners & affiliate marketers... in a BIG way.

#1- I wanted to help brands and product creators to make more sales without wasting money on traditional advertising...


#2- I wanted to help Affiliate marketers find great opportunities to make more income.

The best way to accomplish both of these tasks was to create an Affiliate Network. A pay-per-performance network for Advertisers and Affiliates.

The result was

I started working on Adclickmedia in July of 2019 and started connecting with industry experts and affiliate marketers to learn about the industry in depth.

By July of 2020, I had put a small team together with work on the project. After several failed attempts working with programmers and after spending over $28K in the process, I finally found my dream team!

Starting and running an ad network is not a one man show. There are many moving parts to it.

1- Affiliate Managers to bring in new affiliates, onboard them, and motivate them.

2- Ad Account Managers to reach out to brands and businesses, and help them with their campaigns.

3- Design & Development people to do all the technical and programming work.

4- Customer Support to make sure that everyone is taken care of.

It's a team effort and I also had to bring in partners to finance the project until completion...

After months of working on this project, we launched Adclickmedia in March of 2021.

To our surprise it took off rather quickly!

Within the first month we had 2000+ affiliate marketers join us, and we acquired over 70 advertisers...

I am excited to tell you that we've been growing fast and I love how it turned out!

Here's why I am telling you my start up story....

Firstly, if you have a dream of building an online business, don't give up. Guilt & self-defeating thoughts will happen..

Stick with it. What seems so hard now will one day be your warm up!

Work through it because it will come true...


The future is uncertain even for many traditional skilled people. In the next 10 years when the digital tsunami hits these industries, whole swaths of workforce are going to get wiped off....and that includes smart educated people like you!

(Doctors were once at the top of the food chain you know, but now they graduate with $350,000 in student debt and work crushing 80 hour work week, just to pay it back.)

The good news is you already have the digital marketing skills to be a success. New tools and platforms to make more sales, affiliate marketing opportunities to make a living... the list goes on.

If you are a marketer looking to increase your leads and sales, a CPA network can help in many ways...

..Connect you to an army of affiliates who will promote your products.

..Give you a platform and tracking and provide you more data for improvement.

..And you pay only for results, such as clicks, leads, or sales. You decide how much you want to spend..

On the other hand..

If you are an Affiliate looking to increase your earnings and get paid on time, then becoming an affiliate for a CPA network is perfect.

..No more looking for offers that convert well. You'll find hundreds of offers that you can pick and promote.

..Get paid for every action, such as clicks, leads, and sales.

..Get paid up to 85% of sales... definitely more than any other affiliate program offers.

..Get paid weekly or monthly... and ON TIME.

Now you know why I say that Affiliate Marketing can be effortless if you work with a CPA Network.

I'll be explaining and expanding on the concepts over the coming days. Please take a moment to whitelist me so I don't go to your spam folder.

If you use Gmail please take a second right now to move me from your "Promotions" folder to your "Primary" folder.

Lastly, I am here to help you with your journey.

You can always reach me at (It's a personal email, and I respond to any intelligent questions)

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