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Marketing technique Gurus don't tell you about?

Q - Name a cool traffic & sales generation technique that Gurus don't tell you about?

I'm glad you asked that question! Because most marketers stick with the traditional traffic generation methods and work really hard to master it.... while the Gurus use methods that are unconventional.

The gurus will teach you every traffic generation method that is already out there on Google.. and charge you a fortune for it... but they'll never tell you what they do.

I'll get straight to it...

It's called "Syndicate Marketing" the inside circle, and in layman terms we know it as Joint-Venture (JV) marketing.

We all know JV marketing as finding a partner who has the audience that you are looking for -- and making a deal with them. Agreeing to promote each other's offers to their audience.

But the "Syndicate method" is the sinister brother of "JV method", where a group of very influential marketers band together to take on the masses to promote each other's offers exclusively.

There are rules to this "secret society".

Rules like...

Only one product will be promoted during a promotional season.

Everyone in the secret society must promote their brothers and sisters for a period of time.

The price of the product must be kept high so that partners make a minimum of $1000 per sale from their referrals.

Every person in the secret society shares their skills and connections to help each other.

The Internet Marketing industry was built by these "Syndicate Brothers".

I say brothers, because there was hardly any female presence in this secret society. It was a man's world, out to conquer the world one newbie at a time. Sound familiar? (Illuminati style)

Only a few at the top were members of it, and the joke was on the masses.

They single handed-Ly are responsible for a new syndrome in the industry called "The Shiny-Object syndrome"

As sinister as it may seem, if you look around most industries are controlled by this type of business practice. It's right in front of your eyes.

Hey, it's a free country, and capitalism is the name of the game. And you have the right to use legally persuasive tactics to make money.

The Syndicate Method in the IM space started in the early to mid 2000's and has taken a new title by the name of "Influencer Marketing". Which is pretty straight forward and the public is familiar with this...

How can you benefit from this method?

Create your own little band of brothers and sisters and help each other promote each others products. You can do it without the "skull & bones" ceremony and still advance each other.

Joint venture is not a new concept.

If you work on forming relations with people in your market with complimenting offers, you will have a huge leverage in terms of reaching more people without spending a lot of money.

This is an effective method to market your company. So effective that there are agents who can connect you with the right people to work with. These shenanigans also have a title -- "JV Connectors". You can find a bunch of them on Linkedin, just search for JV Connector.

Do you find this information useful? What can you do with it? What do you intend to do with it?

Let me know in the comments below! ?


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