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Marketing Funnel: Blind Funnel Vs. Transparent Funnel

YES, I BELIEVE in Funnels.

But not so much in "BLIND FUNNELS"

(A blind funnel is a funnel that promises something outrageous on a headline, not telling your visitors who you are, then asks the visitor to enter his email... and then takes him on a never ending loop of pitches)

You've see them... it's all over the Internet!

A blind funnel generates a list that are not your REAL customers. They are people with throw-away emails and fake phone numbers, who act on a whim!

A blind funnel generates 30%-45% visitor-to-lead conversion. Keeping you elated JUST enough to say that your marketing is working.

A GOOD sales funnel is transparent, and it brands YOU right away as the AUTHORITY, It gives your visitor a chance to get to KNOW YOU..

Its a process in which you take a qualified prospect from showing some interest, to personally engaging him, educating him, addressing and clarifying objections he may have honestly, and earning his trust in YOU and your OFFER.

A personalized funnel will get you a meager 5% or 10% lead conversions, but 90% actual paying customers. Which is a 1000% more effective that a Blind Funnel.

95% of marketers are using the "Blind Funnel" model. Spending thousands of dollars in advertising and thousands of hours on social media...

Yes, we may get a banner week, or a banner month in sales... BUT, that is not a REAL business.

A REAL business online generates a steady flow of customers, and a customer base that pays you on a REGULAR basis.

Work on creating a Funnel that is YOU. YOUR story, YOUR experience, YOUR skills, and MAKE AND OFFER that your ideal customer cannot refuse.

Much Love,

PS. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. - Einstein.

Let's do it over - Learn how you can create your own personalized funnel - Done For You!

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