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How to write your story in 4 sentences.

Q - How to tell your story in four sentences.

I've been on a few podcasts and interviews in the past and I am embarrassed to admit that I may have gone on rants that were rather long, and may have even made the host a little uncomfortable.

I blame myself for this because it's not a good idea to take 20 minutes to tell your story when the entire podcast is timed at 30 minutes.

So I decided to learn the art of telling my story in 4 sentences. And I want to share it with you in this group.

First off, if you are in any kind of business, you've encountered the dreaded question.... "So...what's your story?".

If you are not prepared, or thought about telling your story, then this could end up embarrassing yourself and the person who asked the question.

So, here's an outline you can use to write down your story in 4 sentences.

It's not easy but it's necessary and you'll be glad that you're prepared.

Four Sentence Story Structure:

This story outline is to drive a particular point home about you and your business...

  1. First sentence: Start with a point in your life where things were not so good and emotionally charged.

  2. Second sentence: What inspiration sparked an idea to change your circumstance?

  3. Third sentence: What did you do about it?

  4. Fourth sentence: What's your mission now?

Write it down... and make it shorter without taking the emotion out of it.

Here's my 4 sentence story:


In 1999, Martha and I (Abe) were living in a small roach infested one bedroom apartment in Queens, New York, working on a dead-end job for a door-to-door advertising company, struggling with a mountain of debt, and pregnant with our first baby.

I spent months moonlighting on a dial-up internet, networking with programmers and pioneer marketers, learning how to take offline sales & marketing principles online, which we knew was an exciting game changer that could change the lives of people around the world.

I started developing tools, programs, websites, traffic & lead generation platforms, and advertising networks to help struggling marketers reach the masses and make their businesses grow faster.

A few businesses that I started worked, earning millions of dollars for my company, and my mission and passion remains the same; to impact the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs with the support and clarity they need, the tools they can leverage with, and the technical help to make their journey easier, to live a life of their choice - based on universal spiritual wisdom.


I can tell my story in less than 1 minute - 58 seconds to be precise!

I would love for you to write your story in 4 sentences and share it in this group so that others will get to know you!

Hope this helped!


PS. To draw your imagination to where I was before I started my online business, is the photo of my 1 bedroom apartment in Queens, NY (See above). That was the biggest room in my apartment.

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