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How to supercharge your social media reach and distribution

If you are watching this then you are probably someone who is actively promote a business online.

So, in my last two videos I shared with you how I create unique content for my social media, videos, blog posts etc...

I also shared with you how to create 50 to 75 unique content that will attract your ideal customers online.

If you missed those videos, you can watch it on my blog at

In today's video we are talking about distribution... spreading your unique message so that it gets the attention it deserves.

In my opinion, distribution is AS IMPORTANT as your message itself.

Why? Because you want as many eyeballs on your brand as possible...

Let me give you an example of how important Distribution is for a business...

Let's take Hollywood movies as an example...

Did you know that before even a movie is made... the studios lock in the distribution rights for that movie...

This is an important step so that they increase the chances of that movie making more money.

So, what's the best way to plan your distribution for your social media content?

It may not be as grand as the risky business of Movies & Hollywood... but it's important if you want quality organic traffic for your business.

So, Let me get straight to it..

The first thing you want to do is decide which social platforms you'll actively use to network with people.

Obviously the top ones are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

I would also add Pinterest to this mix because I've see first hand how much traffic pinterest can give you.

Guys, I am not kidding you when I mention adding pinterest to the mix....

With just 72 followers on my pinterest account I am seeing over 8000 views to my images monthly

And about 14% Click Thru Rate! That's about 1100 clicks to my website each and every month!

If I were to pay for those clicks it would cost me around $600/month at 50 cents per click - That's huge!

So if you are not using Pinterest in your Social Media mix, it's time to add it!

On the other hand, if you are just starting out it's OK to focus on one or two platforms to start -- and then scale it when you have mastered one or two platforms.

Secondly, I want to talk about automation.

Automation is great but after testing it out I've decided that I don't like automation when it comes to Social Media.

Sorry guys you cannot automate RELATIONSHIPS.

I would hire a real person who knows me personally before I start using automation on my Social Media engagement.

So no automation for me with Social Media.

The third important step in distributing your content is knowing your audience's behavior and pattern on different platforms.

What you post on Facebook may not work on Linkedin, or twitter, and certianly not on Instagram or Pinterest.

This is where you'll soon have to learn how to Re-purpose your original contant in different ways so that it fits the audience on that platform.

You can have a long form and informal language on Facebook but you'll have to re-purpose that content a little more professionally for Linkedin.

You may have to make an Image with text on Pinterest so that you get clicks that are targeted.

You may have to post your content on your blog and then share only the tile and link on Twitter.

You get the point...

Different formats for different platforms... it'll make a huge difference.

The fourth step to supercharge your social media marketing is to create a SCHEDULE.

This is really helpful because you'll keep your contents flowing consistently....

And consistency is what makes your personal brand credible in the eyes of your audience.

If you do anything consistently for a long period of time ... there is an automatic trust and credibility that you will earn...

Your social equity and goodwill which is as good as money!

Your schedule should be no more than one original content per day... Monday thru Friday... or if you are and over achiever Monday to Sunday!

Let me just recap on the 4 steps to SUPER CHARGE your Content distribution:

  1. Decide which platforms you will work with.

  2. Stay away from too much automation... because you cannot automate relationships.

  3. Re-write and re-purpose your content so that it fits the platform

  4. Create a schedule so that you stay consistent.

Hope this helped!

If you are curious about learning more... your can visit my agency

...where it's MY MISSION to help BUSY entrepreneurs with their marketing and advertising.

Stay safe... Put in the work NOW.. so that when this PANDEMIC is all over - I hope very soon --- YOU come out on TOP!

And that's my wish for you!

Much Love,

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