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How to practice focus & discipline in your life and business

If you are struggling with too many things and not accomplishing anything then this video is for you..

Please watch the video.

In this video I am suggesting that you:

1. Write down a list of things that will create the most impact

2. Pick one that creates the most impact with the least effort.

3. Create a challenge for yourself to finish the task completely.

4. Declare it & ask for support it in this group. So that everyone can support and help you.

5. Post an update and/or questions in the group everyday until you finish the project.

Here's an example of the CHALLENGE POST that I mention in the video:

------START POST----------

Start with the DATE

Dear freinds,

I have committed my time and effort for the next 30 days to learning / doing everything I can about that I can get a steady stream of customers for my business.

I want to be really good at ___________ (Skill) so that getting new customers is not a problem for me.

My GOAL is to learn/do ___________ so that I'll always have customers and clients.

If you are good at ___________ (Task)...., please feel free to share your knowledge with me.

I'll be SHARING what I'VE learned here in this group.... so that it will help your business too.

I'll be posting my updates everyday for the next 30 days so that it'll benefit everyone in this group.

-------END POST-------

What are the benefits of this practice?

1. You will get focused on one task that impacts your business in a big way.

2. You will help and connect with the masses in a meaningful way.

3. People in this group will become your fans and supporters.

4. You will create a momentum in your business.

5. You will finish building the bridge and be proud of yourself

6. You will have more confidence in your abilities.

7. You will raise your standards and perform at a higher level.

8. You will amaze yourself and others!

9. You will start to enjoy your life and business.

10. You will start attracting the right people, things, and places in your life.

We are excited to see you in this group!

Much Love


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