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How to pick an effective name for your Facebook Group

There are literally tens of thousands of groups dedicated to Online business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, etc on Facebook.

How do you stand out? How do you tie it into your brand?... and how do you make it simple for people to find and join?

I want to share with you the simple process that WE used to pick our FB Group Name.

The Group name is "Webpreneur Q&A".

Some may think that it's BORING and doesn't have a ring to it... but here's our line of thought, and we are happy with it.

Of course we could have come up with a slick sounding, attention grabbing, urban, and catchy name -- but, what's the point?

If it doesn't brand our main company, and if we leave it to people's imagination, then it's not too smart from a branding perspective... right?

So the brand name... and the purpose of the group .... should be obvious right away.

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Our company name is Webpreneur Media, LLC.

And the purpose of the group is to help answer people's questions, and concerns regarding starting, building, and marketing an online business.

We picked WEBPRENEUR because that's our brand name.

We picked Q&A because that is the purpose of the group.

So, WEBPRENEUR Q&A means a place for Web Entrepreneurs to ask questions and get straight-forward answers.

Some people name their Facebook group to go with the search Keywords on Facebook. But that's too generic and there are TOO MANY groups with the same name.

So if you are going to open an Facebook group, make sure that your BRAND NAME and the PURPOSE of the group is right on the name.

It'll be great for Search Engine Traffic too.

You want your audience to say "I belong here"... at the same time you want your audience to recognize YOUR BRAND name.

I hope this helped!


Join Webpreneur Q&A Facebook Group here.

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