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How to overcome self-doubt.

In the next few minutes I am gonna share with you the UN-COMFORTABLE topic of Self-Doubt and how it can be a blessing and also a big hurdle to our growth as an entrepreneur...

Hope your day is going amazing!

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I mentioned that having self-doubt can be a blessing and a hurdle for us?

It's a blessing because it helps us recognize that we are not always right.

With a little self-doubt we question and challenge ourselves as we reflect inwards.

And It's a hurdle because we STAND ON OUR WAY to our greatness.

I've been suffering with CHRONIC self-doubt for most of my adult life,

and after putting myself through so much suffering, anxiety and humiliation...

I had to dig deep into my own self-doubts... and find out why it's happening to me...

Doubting ourselves when we attempt to do something that we've NEVER done before is NORMAL.

For example, if we've never done a video for social media... it's normal to have that feeling of self-doubt.

But, if your self-doubt is becoming a hindrance to your growth then it could be something that has a stronger hold on your belief system.

And this is what we need to work on.

It could be something you've been told when you were a child,

It could be people who you hang out with and who dont want to support your growth...

And in most cases it could be a "pattern" that comes from your own family.

Most of the strong self-doubt comes from our unconscious memories from our childhood,

and All of these can be worked on at a deeper level... if you invest some time and effort.

But while you are working on these deeper patterns,

here is something that you can practice now to hack your own sub-conscious and get things done now.

When I started creating content I had plenty of self-doubt, even to a point of feeling like a fraud.

I wasn't sure, if what I put out was a 100% congruent with what I practice myself.

This was because my inner voice constantly questioned my integrity - creatig self-doubt within me.

Maybe I didn't practice everything that I preached before, and so I didn't believe in my own abilities.

I realized that the ONLY way to overcome this SELF-DOUBT was to practice more INTEGRITY in everything that I do.

I want to talk about INTEGRITY because this has a lot to do with self-doubt and self-belief.

When we say Integrity....

Integrity is not about being the PERFECT person MORALLY or being SUPER NICE to others.

Integrity is DOING what you say that you would DO.

If I say that I would do something for a person, I would do it, because I SAID that I would do it.

Integrity STRENGTHENS your inner belief in YOU.

If your inner-self believes in what you DECLARE to YOURSELF and to OTHERS...

It will support you in ANYTHING you want to do.

By practicing integrity, your inner self will start supporting your dreams.

Here are three conscious practices that is helping me with getting rid of self-doubt.

FIRST! Decide to be an integrated person.

If you say something, do it and don't promise things that you know that you will not do.

This practice will strengthen your inner voice and help you over come self-doubt.

SECONDLY... Do little challenges that will strengthen your inner voice and lead you to believe in yourself.

NUMBER 3.... Connect with like-minded people.

Only when I started connecting with like-minded people I realized that people do care and I was not alone -

and Stay away from people who are weakening your belief in yourself.

Hope this helped!

If you are curious about learning more... your can visit my agency .

...where it's MY MISSION to help BUSY entrepreneurs with their marketing and advertising.

Stay safe... Put in the work NOW.. so that when this PANDEMIC is all over - I hope very soon --- YOU come out on TOP!

And that's my wish for you!

Much Love,

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