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How to get from Anonymous to Online Rock-Stardom in 365 days!

If you are trying so hard with your value content BUT not seeing the engagement that you expected - then READ THIS POST.

Why your videos and content is taking longer to get more engagement.


You've decided that you are going to put your efforts into building your business, providing value and to put yourself out there!

But after doing 25 videos, and 25 content posts you are still not getting the attention that you expected.

Here's why...

Don't ever think that people are NOT watching and consuming your stuff, because they ARE.

Your first 25 videos - People will IGNORE your content because they are not sure if it's worth their time. Nothing personal here...

Your next 25 videos - People may watch it and JUDGE & COMPARE your content. But they may not respond or interact with you. Nothing personal here...

Your next 25 videos - People are noticing your consistency and giving you credit for your DRIVE & TENACITY. At this point you may get some engagement, but they don't go beyond the like, love, and comments button... Nothing personal here as well...

Your next 25 videos - People are now consuming your content because they are SUSPECTING GREATNESS in you. This leads to more and more interaction with you and your business. Don't be surprised if you get some haters at this point. Nothing personal here...

Your next 25 videos - You have gone beyond their expectations and you are doing something that they are NOT doing. They develop an ADORATION for you.

Your next 25 videos - They talk about you, quote you, and give you the guru status, join anything you put in front of them, and worship your footsteps.


While your success is celebrated by your tribe, you are thinking THIS:

..."What the hell did I do to deserve this?" All I did was demonstrate MY DRIVE and by NOT GIVING UP on MY DREAMS.

No my friends, don't think that way... because You have shown them that IT CAN BE DONE!

This is the secret of being a ROCK-STAR in this time and place.


Your people are waiting patiently for your BEST CONTENT, your Cream-Of-The-Crop!

Once you deliver THE BEST YOU CAN DELIVER, you've MADE IT!

That's it folks!


PS. The sad part is most people give up before their first 25 pieces of content / videos. They just couldn't see any further than their own EGO.

You my friend is a ROCK-STAR. Remember THAT!

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