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How To Drive Organic Traffic That Lasts For Years! (It's not Facboook)

So my first few videos, are gonna be talking about traffic -- due to popular request from you guys. I would say that 60% of you when you filled out the questionnaire wanted to learn about traffic and how to drive traffic. And I am glad you asked that because Traffic is my domain.

I've owned and operated websites and networks that deal with traffic, I've been a traffic & leads broker for several years in my career. So I'm very comfortable talking about traffic and lead generation.

I would say that learning how to generate traffic is the most valuable skill you can have online. You can have everything in place but without driving steady and growing traffic your business is dead in the water.

You can have best product... the best copy... the best video sales letter... the best prices.

But without traffic your business is going nowhere... So let's talk about traffic...

A lot of people think of traffic as the last and final thing in a marketing process...

People spend a lot of time preparing their marketing for the final phase... that is traffic... . .

Building funnels... get the copy perfected... getting the videos done...etc.

But did you know that traffic is not a final ingredient, but an ongoing process in your marketing...

If you have an idea or an offer, you should immediately put up that offer on lead capture page and send some traffic, even if the product is not completely ready...

Because you'll know if that idea is going to work or not by sending some initial traffic to it... and getting some feedback.

So traffic is so important even before the product is fully launched... right from the beginning test phase.

So traffic is not the final thing to do but an ongoing process that will last as long as your business is alive.

I should also mention that one of the most expensive product online is Traffic...I mean literally.

That's why sites like google, facebook, bing and yahoo, and media websites are the most valuable companies in the world.

Because they sell traffic to literally tens of millions of businesses around the world.

A normal online business invests 50 to 60% of their revenue on buying traffic....

If you ask a top producer in an MLM company, or the top affiliate marketer.... they will tell you that 50 to 60% of their revenue goes back into driving traffic.

Now there is Organic traffic... that in the minds of newbies is absolutely free of cost.

Yes, organic traffic does not cost you money but not all organic traffic is free traffic...

There are ways to build your organic traffic to a point where you can make a few sales but it stops when you stop.

For example, Facebook organic traffic will stop immediately when you stop engaging on Facebook.

If you don't believe it, try this -- Stop engaging on facebook for an entire week, and you will see that all of your traffic from facebook will also stop.

Now, Let's talk about organic traffic that is sustainable.... in other words generating organic traffic that is going to last.

Even if you stop creating content, you can still generate organic traffic through Serarch engines.

This process takes time and not many people have patience for this...People want immediate and free traffic...

This is not for those people who want immediate traffic....This is for people who recognize the power of content in the online world...

This is for people who are building a long term business online... I want to give you an example of someone who did this pretty successfully....

Neil Patel is a top online marketer, and you may have heard of him ...

Every time you search for any online marketing stuff on google, you've probably landed on Neil Patels blog... This is organic traffic that lasts for years even if you don't do anything.

We have several sites that gets free traffic and qualified leads from Google every single day as well. We also have paid Google campaigns that generates hundreds of clicks and leads to our web properties.

This is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic... and it's not from Facebook engagement.

Content is the most powerful way to generate organic traffic that can sustain your business. Specifically blogs, and videos.

Youtube channel is another powerful way to generate organic traffic that lasts for years...

You can work on creating this type of leverage for your business even if you are starting out.

Let me give you a step by step setup process on how to start building real organic traffic...

  1. Setup a website and blog for your business or your personal brand.

  2. Setup a YouTube channel for your business.

  3. Setup social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Now let me give you a challenge that your can easily do to start driving organic traffic.

  • Step #1 - is to create a content plan. The subject in which you'll create content. To create a content plan, you can search on Google and there are many articles that gives you step by step on how to create a content plan.

  • Step #2 - is to commit yourself to write 30 to 50 blog content within a period of 90 days.

  • Step #3 - is to commit to make 30 to 50 videos on YouTube within a period of 90 days. You can even do the videos first, and then transcribe the video to make your blog posts.

  • Step #4 - Commit to post your content on all of you social media pages when you publish it.

This is a basic blueprint for getting organic traffic to your site, or landing pages...

I guarantee you that if you do a decent enough job with the contents and have the patience, you will be rewarded with daily growing organic traffic.

Traffic that you can't even stop if you wanted to.

Like I said these are basic steps and if you put in a little more effort to learn how to optimize your content, your traffic will double or even triple.

This is real organic traffic that will give you real leverage for your business.

I am going to continue this topic of driving traffic in my next few videos so that I can cover as much as I know about traffic.

There are many ways to drive traffic and you don't have to have the best content for that -- although it helps!

The most successful businesses have a strategy of building organic traffic along with paid traffic to dominate their markets...

So in my next few videos I'll talk about driving traffic to your offers using a combination of organic and paid traffic.

Traffic is the life blood of your business. And there are MANY MANY ways to drive traffic.

You can choose to master one type of traffic and profit from it.

And then teach a VA, a virtual assistant to duplicate what you do and move on to the NEXT traffic method.

I can tell you this, If you learn to drive traffic, you will never go hungry.

If this information was useful to you please comment below.

If you want me to do a video on a certain subject that you are currently struggling with... comment below.

I'll See you later


PS. Need help with setting up your organic traffic source for you? Take a look here...

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