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How To Create Unique Content For Social Media That Your Audience Will Love

Hope your day is going AMAZING! If you are watching this....I know how busy your life is and so I decided to do this short 1 minute videos to get your marketing wheels turning!

In less than 1 MINUTE I'm gonna tell you how I plan my unique content and how you can come up with content that is unique to you... whether it's for a social media post, or a video, or a blog post.

Most of my ideas come from WHATEVER I am going through at the moment...

You could say DAILY life lessons... it's aways super helpful to share your experiences with your audience.

Evey ONE of us learn something everyday... Every single day!

We have moments during the day where the light bulb lights up... and we get inspired!

That moment of inspiration is like a BOLT of energy that goes through our entire body and makes you want to do something.

I write it down on my handy dandy note-book - or record it on my voice recorder on my phone..

I am actively looking to learn something everyday.

When you are actively looking to learn something new, you will find content that's very unique to you and valuable to others.

At the end of the day... I ask myself this questions... "What did I learn today"... and I write it down...

The next question I ask myself is -- "How can I help"...

When you are in that mode of serving by sharing....

The UNIVERSE will send you THOUGHT CURRENTS that you need at that moment.

So two things...

- Ask yourself what did I learn today... and write it down. - And then ask yourself "How can I help?"...

That's how you can attract amazing content that is very unique to you.

But just COLLECTING CONTENTS is not enough to be able to share it in a logical way...

There are ways to organize these thoughts into a logical flow... which I am gonna talk about in my next video... so stay tuned.. It's only a minute!

So that's how I attract new ideas and thoughts so that I can share it!

Hope this helped!

If you are curious about learning more... your can always visit OR

Stay safe... Put in the work NOW.. so that YOU come on TOP --- in POST COVID times... coming soon!

Much Love,

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