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How to create 50 to 75 pieces of content for social media that your audience will love

I know how busy your life is --- and so I am doing these short videos to get your wheels turning!

Speaking of renewal... As entrepreneurs we know that our unique message is what makes us STAND OUT... so...

In less than 2 MINUTES I'm gonna tell you how you can create 50 to 75 pieces of unique content that your audience will find it useful...

And how I organize my content in a way that is easy to deliver...

Whether it's for a social media post, or a video, or an email, or a blog post.

In my last video... I talked about how to gathering content that is unique to you by using events and thoughts happening in your life right now.

And life experiences and lessons that you've learned in the past, writing it down... so that you'll have a BODY of content to share.

Now, That could be a lot of information that we've collected....

Now I don't share EVERYTHING that I write down because some of it may NOT be "RELEVANT" to my audience...

And "RELEVANCE" is important... because the content that I share should be in some way relatable to my audience - or at the very least helpful in their lives.

Another thing to keep in mind when you your "REPUTATION".

Here are the main factors I look at before I put out anything online, because it's going to be there forever.

You should ALWAYS think about your "FUTURE SELF" before your put anything out there.

I am not saying you should be un-authentic... What I am saying is that you should be proud of the stuff you put out there even after 10 years from now and your message should be a message for your "FUTURE self"...

I always AVOID putting out content on a WHIM - especially on a video.

Here's the process I recommend to my clients to publish 50 to 75 pieces of content in a short period of time.

First I write down 5 "CHALLENGES" that my potential clients are facing.

And Under each challenge I write down 10 to 15 solutions that will solve each one of those problems.

And then I Expand on each solutions by adding my personal experience... and how it helped me overcome that problem.

For Example:

One of the challenges that my specific audience is facing is making that switch from "old-world marketing" to the new "value-driven" marketing world.

Now, I KNOW this challenge like the back of my hand.... I have suffered with this for years.

And it's easy for me to come up with challenges and solutions for THIS specific problem.

So if you write down ONE problem and 15 solutions to that problem - you are looking at 15 different pieces of content that you can write about, or record a video about.

So let me break it down and show you how to come up with 50 to 75 pieces of content which your audience will love.

  1. Write down 5 main challenges your ideal customer are facing.

  2. and then Write down 10 to 15 solutions for each problem

And there you have it. You have 50 to 75 pieces of content that you can use as a video, blog post, or a report... and even to write a BOOK - if you want!

So now, you know HOW to gather information that is unique to you and you also know how to organize those information in a way that logically flows.

The next step is "distribution" - spreading your message...

Publish it on numerous platforms so that your message is all over the internet....

...and people will find it in different formats. This is a very important step and I'am gonna talk about it in my next video...

Hope this helped!

If you are curious about learning more... your can visit my agency at where it's MY MISSION to help BUSY entrepreneurs with their marketing and advertising.

Stay safe... Put in the work NOW.. so that when this PANDEMIC is all over - I hope very soon --- YOU come out on TOP!

And that's my wish for you!

Much Love,

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