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How to acquire more customers with ZERO COST PAID advertising.

Q - How to acquire more customers with ZERO COST PAID advertising.

I've been sharing motivation and inspiration for the "Entrepreneur" in you for the past few months. I think it's equally important to share some strategies and tactics for the "marketer" in you. Why? Because motivation doesn't last if you don't see viable results from your efforts.

I am gonna start with the #1 challenge marketers face. Not enough return on investment. Especially with paid advertising.

If you are not doing paid advertising, I would say that you have not really experienced sustainable growth in your business. Many online marketers are afraid to venture into Paid Advertising because of fear of losing money. I get it. I've been there before.

If you are already repulsed by the notion of "paid advertising", then you may want to stop reading this now, and continue with the strategies that are already working for you.

But if you have decided, "enough is enough" and want to dive into the world of a Digital Marketer, then you can take this strategy to the bank.

You must understand that it's easiest and cheapest to sell to your existing customers.

But the hard part is to get those customers first, so that you can engage and sell more stuff to them.

What most marketers do: They setup a page and an offer and collect emails. They then send them automated emails hoping for them to join your program or purchase their product...

If the product costs more than $200 then it's hard to get your subscribers to commit. You may get them interested, but to make that sale, it's going to take enormous amount of persuasion. Most people will lose money trying to do it this way.

Do this a few times in your online marketing career, and I guarantee you that you will eventually give up, because there is no motivation to carry on. This is what happens to most online marketers.

There is a better way. Only a few Marketers have been using this paid advertising strategy and they are the one's who are making money.


Because they have found a way to get top quality advertising for zero investment.

Here's how it works:

It's called the TRIPWIRE OFFER. I want to say that I don't like to call it Tripwire, because it's sounds like you’re tripping your customers up and tricking them into buying what you’re selling. That’s not cool.

Your aim should be to add value and build a lasting relationship that encourages your users to trust you. Tripping them up isn’t a great way to start that process.

I'd like to call it what it is... "A front-end offer".

A front-end offer is a relatively low-cost high-quality product specifically designed to build your customer list. They’re priced at $5 - $50 with the majority being less than $20.

What is the psychology behind this strategy? Plain and simple....

  1. It's easier to sell to your existing customers.

  2. Having someone take their first step is the hardest. Since you will be offering a high value information product for 5 to 20 bucks, it's easier for people to take that first step.

  3. Micro-commitments are essential to move a prospect into a loyal customer.

So how can you create such a front-end-offer? It's easier than you think....

Offer a HIGH VALUE info product that will benefit your prospect immensely for 5 to 7 BUCKS!

How do you create such an offer? It's easier that you think...

STEP 1 - Find the biggest challenge your prospect is having.

STEP 2 - Do extensive research and come up with the best solution for it. Something they can use right away. Add more value by giving them practical tools, and checklists so that they can solve it right away.

STEP 3 - Offer it for 5 to 7 bucks.

STEP 4 - Work with people who buy your front end product by connecting with them by email, phone or any other means of communication in giving them more value.

STEP 5 - Offer them your high end product. Take your time...

This solves TWO of the major problems marketers are facing.

  1. This will pay for your paid advertising. Zero cost on advertising.

  2. You can buy more on advertising and lead generation with the money from your front-end offer.

You spend $10 a day on advertising. Your $7 front end offer generates 3 to 4 takers per day, $28 in return per day, gives you $840 per month to re-invest into buying more ads. You work on upgrading the 120 leads into your high ticket product.

It may take you a couple of weeks to set this up, but it will pay you big returns for months and years to come!

I hope this helped!


To your success


PS. "Not sharing your gifts with the world is the greatest disservice to yourself and humankind." - Ravinder Singh

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