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How much time should you spend on Facebook for business?

When I was 18, I dreamed of being a Chef at a high-end restaurant, creating fusion dishes from foods around the world, presenting it in an exquisite way that makes people's eyes bigger and mouth water. WHAT a feeling!

Why that did NOT happen yet will take TOO long to tell on a post. Besides, it’s still possible for me to live out my dreams IF I wanted to.

Anyways, my posts are long enough as it is, and I want to spare you the trouble and get straight to the point that I wish to make.

So… CHEF ABE!… Naahh let’s give him an appropriate name - let’s call him “Chef Jean-François”… yeah THAT’S IT! (sorry about stereo typing for the sake of the story)

So, what has “Chef Jean-François” (who owns a Restaurant) have to do with your Online Business?

Not much to do with WHO he is - but a LOT to do with his “DAILY RITUAL”.

ie - "His DAILY visit to the Local Farmer's Market!“

He is up early in the morning before the market gets crowded and the fresh food arrives. He picks the freshest vegetables, best choice of fish and the finest cut of meat -- so that he can WOW his daily customers back at his restaurant.

After he gets what he wants, he decides to stick around for a bit to socialize with people at the market. He compliments them and shows HIS EXCITEMENT for the dishes he is going to be cooking for the day.

Onlookers (his future customers) are NATURALLY attracted to him because he is talking about something that he is PASSIONATE about.

Then suddenly Chef Jean-François checks his "montre-bracelet" (his wristwatch) and bids adieu (farewell) to his well wishers and rushes off back to his “Restaurant”.

Now, IMAGINE if Chef Jean-François stayed at the market for 10 hours and BS’ed with people all day – paying less attention to his restaurant?

Well, some internet marketers are doing just that.

They spend too much time on Facebook (The Farmers Market) that they are abandoning their own place of business (their website, email lists, blog, funnels…etc) where the money exchange actually happens.

Unless you OWN a food stall in the market, there is NO valid reason to stick around.

Facebook or other social media sites are places where you talk about HOW EXCITED it is to do what you do, SOCIALIZE with people, ATTRACT them by giving them a GOOD ENOUGH REASON to come to YOUR place of business – and then work on getting YOUR PLACE (website and content) ready for the feast.

If you DON'T have your OWN place of business, (Website, products, info product, courses, services) then it’s high time to think about it and WORK on it.

If you are using Facebook for business, your SOLE purpose should be to take your well-wishers AWAY from Facebook, and back to YOUR PLACE… where you can further engage with them WITHOUT Cousin Vinny (Facebook) breathing down your throat…. and making things… well… AWKWARD.

Spend however long on Facebook as needed, but make sure that you are spending way more time building your OWN Digital Eco-system!


Much Love,

PS. PS. If you do not have your own place of business where you are king of your domain – then you need to work on it NOW…. There is plenty of help at your disposal.

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