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Food-Free for 21 Days. Update Day Two.

I'd like to give you an update on my practice of being "Food-Free for 21 days.

This practice is called Nirahara Samyama in the Yogic tradition.

This process walks a human being through going from consuming a normal amount of food, like we are all programmed to do, and moving toward a completely liquid diet with no solid food, and then to water only, and then eventually moving on to needing no substance at all -- surviving on "Prana" or Life-force energy alone.

It's a powerful process and very old age process. It's not some new trend, or detox or fasting. It has a long history and tradition, backing what it says... which is helping you achieve higher states of consciousness.

I am not doing this to lose weight or anything because it's not done in the context of "body image", it's not about that.

That might be a by-product. If you have excess weight or if you have too little weight on you. After 21 days, it's gonna balance out whatever the harmony of your body is - naturally.


I had high levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides before I did this the first time on 2016. The levels dropped to normal without any medication.

There is a schedule that you follow that you can read about it if you are interested in doing this -

Today is the "Second Day" of my 21 day practice. I want to share my experience with you.

Because this practice is done with a specific intention and a set of daily rituals... meditation, special breathing techniques, visualization routine... your mind flips to a different mode of operation. (and state of consciousness)

Here's my experience on DAY 2:

  1. Nothing bothers me. I see things happening around me and I feel like a playful observer. Just observing without heightened emotions. It's like being in a play of life. I can act and react anyway I want to. I am no judging, neither do I care if I am being judged.

  2. My mind is empty with very little thoughts coming in. My forehead area is relaxed with no tense feeling. My body is reacting with a slight headache, but I don't feel like attaching myself to the pain. It's there... unattached, and I see it as it is.

  3. I feel my organs are thanking me for giving them a break from relentless work they have been doing non-stop.

  4. There is a feeling of lightness, as if I am swimming effortlessly with a sense of direction in the Cosmos.

  5. I worked on my projects one after the other from 6AM to 10:30 PM with no energy drain. I got at least 3 days of work done in one day without exhaustion. I slept for 5 hours and couldn't wait to wake up and embrace another day.

  6. My breathing is deeper and longer, naturally. As of the breaths I take is nourishing me, replacing the food I eat.

  7. People around me feel relaxed and secure in themselves.

  8. I don't seem to read into, or put much energy into the negativity going on around the world. Remember, it's just a play unfolding.

  9. Last but not the least, my cats couldn't get enough of being around me. They are on my lap most of the day while I work.

By now, you're probably thinking to yourself...

"Jeez Abe.... aren't YOU special??".... And you experienced all of these goodness in just 2 days of not feeding you body?? 👀

And to that I say to you this...

"Fuck yeah! Pumping toxic food into your body can make you delusional.. all the while thinking it's NORMAL."

Yes, I am experiencing all of these and it's only Day 2. How about that?

Have a great day - enjoy the play of life. <3

Much Love,

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