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Email Copywriting - What Do I Send To My Email List?

What is the most valuable asset in your online marketing business?

Is it your website, or your product, or your service, or your social media accounts.....

If you are an online marketer, you know the answer is "Your Email List"

It's the most valuable asset because nobody can control it and nobody can take it away from you.

It's the most valuable asset because you have direct access to your subscribers.

It's the most valuable asset because if you treat your subscribers well, 90% of your sales will be generated from sending an email to your subscribers.

Yes, if you are not taking your email lists seriously then you are leaving a majority of your income potential on the table.

There is a marketing metrics that will give you a dollar amount of how much each of your subscribers is worth to your business.

If you take your total revenue from your email list and divide it by the number of subscribers you'll get to know how much each subscriber is worth to you.

I hate to put it that way but that's how marketing metrics are calculated.

For example, let's say that I have a list of 5,000 subscribers on my list and my monthly revenue is $10,000.

And if you divide $10,000 by 5000 we get $2. So each subscriber is worth $2/month.

That's $120,000 in yearly revenue just from that list.

So you get the point. Your Email List is the most valuable asset in your business.

Then why don't marketers make use of this amazing strategy in their business?

I have talked to many many marketers and clients and they say that the #1 reason they don't utilize their email list is because they don't know what to email their subscribers.

They don't know how to connect with their subscribers on an email.

Most of them have a sequence of salesy emails setup as an autoresponder and those emails are not converting for them.

I have written over 7000 emails to my lists, if not more.... and I send a minimum of 3 emails to my lists every week.

I want to give you 8 types of emails that you can send to your subscribers and really gain their trust and loyalty - and hopefully sell more of what you are selling.

#1. Welcome email. this is the email that is sent to your subscribers just as soon as they optin to your list. You will find out that this email will get the highest open rates and so it's a perfect opportunity for you to tell your story and to let them know who you are. Write your Welcome Email carefully... tell your story and connect with them immediately.

#2 Content / Value Email. These emails will can be sent as a broadcast or automated. I prefer sending broadcasts, because it spontaneous and it's useful and timely. So you should be sending them useful tips that will help them immediately.

#3 Offer Email. This is where you'll start seeing sales and revenue coming in. You make an offer by adding something extra like a bonus and keeping your prices for your main product the same. You should try to be creative here and make an offer that is not available outside of your email list. You should be doing this at least once every 2 weeks.

#4 Discount Emails. These are not the same as offers but you are cutting the price of your product for a short period of time and ONLY to your list subscribers. This is another way to bring in cash flow for your business.

#5 Social Proof Emails. These are emails demonstrating your customer's results and testimonials and these emails will build trust and loyalty. You should be sending these types of emails every week if possible.

#6 Newsletter Publications. I don't understand why Marketers don't send newsletters anymore. I love newsletters and I subscribe to a few good ones out there.. they are full of value and useful information. If you are working on creating a personal brand, I highly recommend that you have a newsletter for your brand. It's well worth it because subscribers who read your newsletter also have a bond with you and your brand.

#7 Special Occasion Emails. or Birthday emails.... If you are building your list by having your subscribers open an account on your website, you can ask for their date of birth. This data alone will add additional ZEROS to your income. You can offer a special discount to people on their birthdays... and this can be automated or sent out everyday. It's ingenious and people love it! because it makes them feel special.

#8 is Collaboration Emails. where you can email out a partners offer in exchange for them emailing your offer to their list. This is an excellent way to grow your list exponentially very quickly.

Now guys... I kid you NOT... IF you implement at least 6 out of these 8 types of email to your email list you will sell more of whatever you are selling.... and you will make money.

If you are a product owner, Affiliate Marketer, ecommerce business, network marketing business, coaching business, or any business online ... and If you are not utilizing this amazing tool... Email....Then you have not experienced half the success you deserve....

Most people are not using email in an effective way because they are struggling with figuring to build that list... and what to write to their subscribers.

I've been working on a Email Copywriting Course especially for my own clients because they are stuck with email.

As a matter of fact I've been working on several courses that will take you step-by-step on how to maximize your audience reach and maximize your revenue with online marketing...

I know as solo entrepreneurs, we don't have the luxury of time to learn everything and implement everything all by ourselves... and hope that it works.

That's why we need to learn from people who have already made all the mistakes and figured out what works.

I've already published two courses just for email marketing....

One will show you how to build your list...and the other will teach you email copywriting that gets opened, read and clicked.

These are available for you to purchase on my website under COURSES.

If you spend half the time that spend on Social Media into your email marketing you will see 10 times increase in your revenue. Or you can find the time to do both... and really benefit from it.

I hope it was helpful.

To your success


PS. Courses on Email Marketing:

  1. The Webpreneurs Guide To Building Email List From Scratch

  2. The Webpreneurs Guide To Email Copywriting

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