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Don't be afraid to start over again.

Like a majority of people in the world right now, I feel like I am starting over. Creating things with the lessons that I've learned, the experiences I've had and the resources that I have access to.

A couple of months ago, I was on a podcast interview and the host asked me this question: "Abe, If you were to start over again what would you do?"

I've never given a thought of it before because we think of life as a linear happening. Something happens, and then progresses into another thing, and another thing - like a straight line in a linear way. The western civilization has taught us to think in a linear way. Life happens chronologically on a timeline. World War 1, Great depression, World Ward 2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War..... etc. Everything has a date and a time and everything must move forward with greater progress or greater destruction. Our brains are wired to think this way...

But the Eastern way of thinking says that Life happens cyclically and not in a linear manner. What goes around comes around. Good times and bad times happen over and over in one life time. States of consciousness repeat itself over and over. The waking and sleeping states repeat over and over. The negative and positive repeat over and over. The destruction and rejuvenation happens over and over. Seasons happen over and over... LIKE A BIG CIRCLE.

We consider our life and business the same linear way. Startup, momentum, growth, expansion.... expansion... and more expansion... But it never happens that way, does it?

We consider our finances in a linear manner as well, we want to make money, and make more money, and make more money... never ending push for MORE. But that doesn't happen that way either.

Thinking in a linear manner creates immense stress because we are always pushing the cyclical to go on a straight line. Even the planet is moving in a cyclical manner

Life happens in a cyclical manner. When we accept that, we will find the strength to submit to the force during certain times, and we will experience bliss when it's time for that.

What does it have to do with your online business? Well, let's just say that your online business is not outside of your life.

Starting over is exciting only if we don't hold on to the past. It's a good ride!

My answer to my friend on the podcast question: "Abe, If you were to start over again what would you do?" ..... "I would build better relationships, I would change with the new way of thinking, I would go with the flow... because what ever I am feeling now will change in a short period of time... and then back to the old...


Stay blessed!

To your success


PS. If you have any doubts that life happens in a cyclical manner, just look at our calendar. Do you think it started only 2000 or 6000 years ago?

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