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Decision Fatigue: A Major Problem Internet Marketers Are Facing.

Internet Marketers are facing a debilitating problem called "DECISION FATIGUE".

"Decision Fatigue" happens when being forced to make too many decisions in fixed period of time.

What we consider to be a miracle of "capitalism", (having too many choices in the marketplace) also makes us OVERWHELMED and ANXIOUS.

The term "SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME" is a behavioral pattern we fall into when there is TOO MANY CHOICES.

  • Which platform to pick?

  • Which email management software to choose from?

  • Which coach to go with?

  • Which product to buy?

  • Which developer to work with?

  • Which strategy to implement?

  • Which automation to use?

  • Whom to listen to?

  • Whom to stay away from?

It's a real conundrum.

The expression "I am spinning my wheels" is more appropriate in the Internet Marketing world.

The sad part is that Internet marketers actually KNOW that they are spinning their wheels and STILL DO IT willfully.

It's like having TOO MANY REMOTE CONTROLS to operate your home's entertain system. And you don't know HOW TO USE THEM properly.

We are left with TWO clear options:

1. DIY - Jump right in to the eye of the storm. Get tossed around for a while, and wait till the storm settles, pick your bruised self and learn from the experience you've been put through. If that experience doesn't make you a cynical person, then you have won the Internet Marketing game.

2. DELEGATE - The other option is to become a CEO and delegate the "spinning of the wheel" to people who love to solve problems. People who have solved the same problem for others numerous times. This way you have less on your plate to deal with and hopefully more in your bank account.


If you can tackle this, then your MOTIVATION and WILLPOWER will increase - making it easier to live your Internet Marketing Dream.

Much Love,

PS. As a serious entrepreneur, your goal should be to find people available to you who can design and program a "UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL" for your business. ;-)

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