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Book: Autobiography Of A Yogi

What I hold in my hand is not an ordinary book. It's a Spiritual Treasure.

To read its message of hope to all truth-seekers is to begin a great adventure. It was for me 15 years ago, and I am pulled to read it again and again every couple of years. The only book that I have read cover to cover at least 6 times. Each time I read it I get new messages that awaken my spirits.

Paramahamsa Yogananda was the first Yoga master of India whose mission it was to live and teach in the West. In the 1920's, as he criss-crossed the United States on what he called his "Spiritual Campaigns", his enthusiastic audiences filled the largest halls of America.

His initial influence was impressive. But his lasting influence is greater still even to this day. This book, first published in 1946, helped launch, and continues to inspire, a spiritual revolution in the West.

Followers of many religious traditions have come to recognize "Autobiography Of A Yogi" as a master piece of spiritual literature. Yet, of all it's depth, it is full of gentle humor, lively stories, and practical common sense.

When I first read this book in 2005, it changed the trajectory of my spiritual life.

The core idea of "Law of attraction" and the "power of thought and will", we embrace now, comes from the sages and masters of the East. You'll get to understand the science of spirituality intimately in this book.

It is said that "Autobiography Of A Yogi" was the only book Steve Jobs had on his iPad. Often touted as secret to his greatness.

I am picking up this book to read it again... and I wonder what's in store for me this time! ??


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