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Are you ready for the Skill Based Economy?

Are you ready for the Skill Based Economy?

This is one of the main reasons why we started the WEBPRENEUR Q&A Facebook group.

To help as many people as we can to switch from the "Corporate & Job" mindset to a "Skill & Value Based" economy.

The Skill & Value Based economy is not just for the millennial. I think its appropriately suited to Gen X (age 40 and 55) and Baby Boomers (age 55 to 75+)!


Life Experience. Business Experience. Strength & Perseverance.

PLUS, nobody talks about retirement anymore. "Work" for Gen X and Baby Boomers is "Life's Work". It's not a JOB.

There is only a couple of things that the later generations have to work on.... "Health & Well Being" and "Digital Skills".

Every generation passes on their wisdom to the next generation. The only difference is that NEW MEDIUM is DIGITAL. If you focus on learning the DIGITAL SKILLS, you are going to find so many opportunities to leave your mark.

The Internet has turned the Publishing Industry on it's head. Publishing your knowledge on a book or digital medium is easy as typing on your computer.

Here are just a few things we can do to spread the message, and make a living online:


Virtual Assistant

Tech Support jobs



Business Consulting

Bookkeeper / Tax accountant

Online Tutor

E-Commerce seller

Virtual Juror

Work From Home opportunities

Networking business

Write Books




You are probably focusing on one of the above and if you are not it's TIME to start an amazing chapter in your life.

I believe that we can help HUMANITY & TECHNOLOGY work together!

There are caring communities out there and of course WEBPRENEUR Q&A is also a place dedicated to helping you.


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