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Are you putting all your eggs in the Facebook basket?

Facebook will not be a viable platform for newbie marketers in the future.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

I just made a bold prediction.

Facebook and pretty much every social media platform will cost you dearly to promote your business in the future. Especially Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user who is aware of the slight changes they make every other day... you should know that the direction they are taking is leading to increased monetization for Facebook.

In other words, Facebook is making it harder for online marketers to do real world marketing for free. (It's never free, because your time is the most valuable asset you have)

There are literally hundreds of tweaks Facebook makes that normal users will not generally notice. It's very obvious that these tweaks are done to optimize Facebook's earnings in the coming future.

Some of the tweaks FB has been making that I've noticed:

  1. Removing key tracking data from pages and groups like viewing how many people are seeing your posts. Something very important for marketers.

  2. More and more sponsor ads showing up on feeds.

  3. Platform changed to the new look with more control for Facebook code-wise.

  4. Advertising costs increasing incrementally.

  5. Only a small percentage of your friends will ever see your posts.

  6. Subtle changes and differences on Mobile Vs. Desktop.

There is nothing wrong in a company wanting to maximize their profits. Since the 80's the capitalist motto has been "Greed is good"...

Milton Friedman added to it... "The DUTY of a business is to MAXIMIZE profits"... (That Unenlightened piece of S#$@ - whose economic ideologies have put the World into more mess)

SO no surprises there... Facebook is just a business. Their main goal was to trap as many users into thinking that they are leading the way to better connections for FREE. It's just a strategy.

The same strategy Google has used to become the most powerful company in history. But Google at least provides a service that is useful for humanity.

I've been through the "Google Penguin algorithm" change years ago... and I've seen thousands of marketers lose all of their earnings because 100% of their income was based on Google's Adsense.

I am seeing literally tens of thousands of people coming online to make a living and 90% of them are focusing all of their efforts on promoting using Facebook. THIS WARNING is for YOU if you are one of them.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to warn you small business marketers, and online marketers that YOU SHOULD HAVE A PLAN B FOR YOUR MARKETING - AND YOU SHOULD START RIGHT AWAY.

Here are some things you can focus on so you don't get completely wiped out when Facebook throws a monkey wrench into your marketing:

  1. Focus on building your BRAND ASSETS. Websites, blogs, your unique content etc...

  2. Focus on building and connecting with your EMAIL LISTS.

  3. Learn how to do paid media even if it's a small budget.

  4. Focus on getting publicity in the media.

  5. Collaborate with your friends.

  6. Support your friends and colleagues

  7. Do Joint Venture deals with others.

There's a whole lot more you can do when you use your creativity. But don't be bamboozled by these giant tech companies who will use your time and spit you out and ruin your business in a minute.

Be safe not just from the Pandemic but from these corporations who will do what they need to do.. Maximize Profits.

To your success


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