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Are you giving away your best tips, tactics, and strategies that's working for you for FREE?

Are you giving away every million dollar tips, tactics, and strategies that's working for you for FREE?

It's the latest strategy online.... Give value-bombs out for free.... move the free-line up....

Is this a good strategy?

Listen, I was raised in a culture where you help everyone you can, for free, and you don't expect anything in return.

I've practiced this in my business for years spending hours on calls and video chats with people I genuinely wanted to help.

I am going to tell you that it is not an effective strategy. It will neither help you nor will it help the person you are trying to help.

Here's why...

  1. People do not value the things they get for free. You can give them tips that made you a million dollars and they will not implement it because they did not PAY for it.

  2. This is because how people value money. In this culture, people equate... MONEY = VALUE. FREE = NO VALUE.

  3. This mentality is deeply ingrained in peoples' psych that it works on automatic. And even if they realize it's value, they will not act on it.

If you put a dollar amount to the golden nuggets that you are dishing out, two things are going to happen:

  1. Most people will actually implement the knowledge that you packaged it for them and benefit from it.

  2. And since you will make a living from it, you will make extra efforts into making the quality of knowledge / information better.


Does this mean that you STOP giving value out for FREE?

No. You should give value to people in a closed setting, like a private group, or mastermind.


You should talk about the RESULTS they WILL enjoy when and if they BUY your product... OUTSIDE of your group.

What do you think?

Have an awesome day!

To your success


PS. If you take your business seriously and work with one person who is committed to your success and implement everything, then you can succeed!

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