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6 Beliefs online marketers have that are not true.

II’d like to share with you a few false positive beliefs that are likely to ruin your dreams of becoming a well-balanced entrepreneur – at the least it will DELAY your progress.

I would bet my bottom dollar, that these trajectories of thinking will keep you “spinning the wheels” with your business, as it did for me for many years.

These are a bunch of beliefs that we need to honestly investigate and make the necessary changes so that we grow faster.

I must WARN you -- that many of us THINK that “WE GOT THIS!”.

It is self-deceptive in many ways that we think we have it ALL FIGURED OUT - but OUR ACTIONS speak louder than our deluded thinking.

I am about to become as TRANSPARENT as I can here because we CANNOT make any meaningful changes without being TRUTHFUL TO OURSELVES.


Here you go…

“I treat my business like a real business.”

Then why do we not have a solid plan and vision to take us from point A to Point Z? Why do we not invest in marketing our businesses like REAL businesses do? Why do we always look for FREE WAYS to market?

“I know what my target market wants.”

Then why do we market to EVERYONE and talk about things they do not care about? Not everyone is willing to do what it takes and not everyone has MONEY MOTIVES as a priority.

“I believe in my product.”

If we believe in the products you are promoting then we should be able to put our story and face on it. Why do we hide behind a link and a blind funnel?

“I have patience and I am in it for the long run.”

If you have patience then why not work on building evergreen content like articles, videos, slides, blog posts,..etc… around your product, work on SEO rankings…etc. Why do we expect immediate results without testing different marketing approaches?

“I know how to get tons organic traffic that I don’t need to pay for.”

This is the latest thinking in the marketing world. It is partially true but not completely. Facebook is not designed to give you unlimited organic traffic even if you are engaging with people 10 hours a day. Social media traffic is a combination of engagement traffic and paid promotions. Facebook is a public company and not charity for business owners.

Finally… this is an odd one and an attitude we have developed because of the number of scams in the online space…

“Marketers are all Liars; I am the honest one.”

This attitude leaves you cynical in the business world and sometimes we miss opportunities of a lifetime. It is true - Marketers learn how to frame the positives, and not always address the negatives. Being skeptical is healthy but some people approach every situation with the mantra “It’s a scam!”. Ask good questions and if it does not fit your values then do not get involved. If it does, do not hesitate to try it.

When we do business online with these false-positive thinking we miss real opportunities to grow faster!

Much Love,

“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” – Michael Jordan

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