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3 weirdest things that happened to me in my business...

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Museum Of Modern Arts (MOMA) New York City. 2013.

#1 - Right around 9-11 a tenant stopped paying his rent. When I called him to collect back rent, he called the cops and told them that I threatened to "BLOW HIM UP!". I got arrested and got released after 2 hours.

#2 - FBI walks into my office inquiring details of an affiliate marketer who signed up as an affiliate. He earned a total commission of $7 from my service, but he put my company as his employer in his Govt assistance application. FBI? Really? #3 - In 2002, A women in Texas shipped me a Porsche 911 (black) to Queens NY where I was living in a 1 bedroom apartment -- for designing her family business website. She paid me for the work on top of that. I sent her back the car in three months, because I could not afford the $1600/mo for a garage and $550 for insurance. It's your turn...

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