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3 Business Tips To Survive & Thrive During & After The Pandemic

I am SO excited to see SO MANY of my friends (including myself) taking the leap and work very hard to building RELATIONSHIPS and providing VALUE - especially on social media!

The COVID era is teaching us something that's INVALUABLE for our growth... as PEOPLE... and as ENTREPRENEURS.

It's SHOWING us that... what MATTERS in the END... is not just the money we make but the CHARACTER that we develop, and the value that we provide to others...

It's also pushing us to be more CREATIVE with everything. YES, Covid is actually PUSHING us to be BETTER entrepreneurs, and I truly believe that.

I want to share with you three things that can make the difference in your business during these COVID times and especially in POST-COVID times... when this is all over.

It's the three things that we WILL need - to survive and thrive and to stay RELEVENT...

The number ONE thing is PEOPLE.

We need to put ourselves OUT THERE so that people will SUPPORT us. To get people's attention we NEED to share our experiences in an AUTHENTIC way and we need to be CONSISTENT with our sharing...

Here are THREE things you can DECIDE to do to connect DEEPER with people...

#1. Learn to tell your STORY. Your story is unique..and that attracts like minded people.

#2. Be CONSISTENT with your sharing. People need to hear your story in diffferent ways so they remember you.

#3. Be seen EVERYWHERE. Share ONE piece of content on multiple platforms every day if possible.

The second thing is "SYSTEMS":

You need to develop a system that WORKS for YOU. A system to MOVE your NEW connections to DEEPER relationships, and THEN to see if you can help them in ANY way -- And You NEED to go OUT OF YOUR WAY to help them.

This system is NOT like the the system we used to have in the Pre-covid era, where we PUT prospects in a funnel and SOLD THEM THINGS....

THIS system is all about PATIENCE.

And that's the third thing you need.


Patience... to listen

Patience... to understand..

Patience... deliver the promise..

And finally...

Patience to wait it out until your prospect is READY.

So... THREE things to make your personal marketing EFFECTIVE....




Hope this helped!

If you are curious about learning more... your can visit my agency at, where it's MY MISSION to help BUSY entrepreneurs with their Marketing and Advertising.

Stay safe... Put in the work NOW.. so that when this PANDEMIC is all over - I hope very soon --- YOU come out on TOP!

And that's my wish for you!

Much Love,

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